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Manufacture & installation of DrainColor® pervious concrete

Kit béton drainant DrainColor

The manufacturing process

To make 1m² (thickness: 8 cm), you will need :

  • 12 litres of water
  • 5 bags of DrainColor® granulate
  • bag of DrainColor® binder
  • 1 tube of FC Perf
  • 1 dry mineral additive
  • 1 bottles of DrainColor® dye

Observe the QUANTITY OF WATER depending on the temperature

Download the technical data sheet

Manufacture and installation

  • 01 Manufacturing stages

    Preparing and protecting your workspace
    Slowly rotate the concrete mixer and make sure it’s set up correctly :
    • Pour in 6 litres of water* (measuring bucket)
    • Pour the tube of FC Perf, the dry mineral additive and then the bottle of dye into the mixing water in the order given
    • Pour in 3 bags of aggregates
    • Pour in 1 bag of binder
    • Pour in 6 litres of water* (measuring bucket)
    • Pour in 2 bags of aggregates
    • Mix for 3 to 5 minutes
    • Pour the preparation into the wheelbarrow
    * Adapt the amount of water according to the weather - See data sheet QUANTITY OF WATER
    Download the manufacturing data sheet

  • • Pour in the concrete
    • Spread with the toothed rake
    • Level with the flattener
    • Compact with the smoothing machine (optional)
    • Compact with the finishing slippers
    • Creation of expansion joints
    • Finish the joint with the slippers
    • Finish the edges with a trowel

    Download the technical installation data sheet

  • It can be :
    • Walked on after 48 hours
    • driven on after 10 days
    • maneuvered over after 15 days
    • considered thoroughly cured after 28 days