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06 Febr. 2021

DrainColor®, the benchmark for colored Draining Concrete® in bags

AC Presse

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Jan. 2021

A concrete company...

Reflets d'Allier

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29 Sept. 2020

France Color Diffusion created ready-to-use permeable concrete...

la montagne entreprendre

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24 Oct. 2019

Recently introduced in the Vichyssoise conurbation...

vichy communauté

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27 june 2018

Concrete : DrainColor unveils its ready-to-use kit...

le journal du bâtiment et des tp

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12 July 2017

Focus on Draincolor, the pervious concrete

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22 Sept. 2016

DrainColor: the ready-to-use pervious concrete kit!


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03 July 2016

Haut-Garonnaise France Color’s pervious concrete...

l'usine nouvelle

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12 Febr. 2011

Draincolor, a colored and pervious concrete floor...


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The year 2020 has come to an end. A look back at a very unique year

FCD confirms its place in the Allier region of Auvergne and is a finalist in the "They innovate" category at the Allier business awards.

Some building sites in 2020 :

  • Laying out the entrance to the Vichy schoolyards
  • Laying out the schoolyards in Issy-les-Moulineaux
  • Laying out the college in Sète
  • Schoolyard landscaping on Reunion Island

Some new partners in 2020 : Bricomarché Cusset - Gedimat Abrest t
A new administrative, logistical and commercial team to offer you even better service.

Objectif formation au béton drainant DrainColor
Formation au béton drainant DrainColor

2021 - FCD celebrates its 10th anniversary and starts a year of change

  • A new visual identity
  • A new, more creative website
  • New products
  • New shades
  • Several partnership projects
  • The opening of an office in Asia