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Train up

FCD is a training provider and has obtained its Datadock, which means that the centre meets the 21 quality criteria that enable funders (OPCO) to ensure the quality of training measures (cf. French legislative decree of June 2015).

Formation au béton drainant DrainColor

Béton DrainColor® training makes you a privileged partner supported by a team of staff at your service, including :

  • A dedicated technical-sales manager
  • A technical team to train and support you
  • Marketing tools to help your sales
  • Certified and patented products

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To acquire the knowledge, skills and approaches necessary for the manufacture and application of DrainColor® pervious concrete surfaces. At the end of the course, the trainee will have acquired the techniques for making and laying DrainColor® pervious concrete on their worksites.

Objectif formation au béton drainant DrainColor